Digital Signs

Digital Signs

Digital signs give you a definitive edge over your competition. This medium has prompt and positive effects on sales, is great for time-sensitive advertisements and is highly visible, resulting in new business with very little effort. And did we mention that you can change your message anytime, from virtually anywhere? Digital signs are the things that marketing dreams are made of!

And because cost is always a concern for any business owner, dynamic digital signage offers a phenomenal return on investment. In a day and age where print, television and radio advertising continue to lose ground due to increased costs, a digital sign or display is one of the most cost-effective avenues for getting your message to a wider demographic. At a cost ranging from $10 to $20 per day, your advertising dollars will be well spent and increasingly effective.

Create eye-catching messages to inform your customers and drive sales.RPM Signs and Lighting, Harrisburg PA, Digital Signs

A message center sign contains an electronic reader board for unrivaled advertising directed at your mobile customer base. Typically, advertising must be purchased on a continuing basis. Why not make a purchase of an electronic message center sign and control your own advertising destiny? With a Message Center Sign most businesses experience 10% – 40% sales increases. At this rate the return on your investment is only nine months to two years. Your electronic reader board will be your advertising dynamo for years to come.

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Changing the price on your existing gas price sign can be time consuming.  Why not free up your employees to do more productive things by installing an LED gas price sign.  Prices can be changed from inside the store with the push of a button, so the frequent changes in the price of gas can be effortlessly displayed in an instant.

LED SignsAn LED gas price sign will also catch your customer’s eye to a much greater degree than conventional price signs.  Our customers report that installing an LED gas price sign increased their business in a very noticeable way.  Get noticed and increase your profits with an LED gas price sign today.

Please complete our free estimate form or call us at: (717) 214-6831 to discuss your individual requirements and receive a free estimate and design proposal.

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